02. April 2014

KiK supports Rana Plaza victims with US $ 1 Million

Bönen, April 2nd 2014. KiK provides US $ 1 Million to support the victims of the biggest accident of the textile industry. Immediately after the devastating collapse of the Rana Plaza building on April 24th 2013, KiK allocated quick and unbureaucratic medical and therapeutical aid for the victims and their relatives.

In association with renowned Bangladeshi aid organizations textile discounter KiK developed different projects to secure a long-term support for the victims’ families. Furthermore KiK supports the Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund with a deposit of
US $ 500.000.

Although there was no direct business relation at the point of the accident, KiK wants to improve – in collaboration with other international companies, the government as well as with local NGO’s – the working conditions in Bangladesh sustainably and at long-term.