We are a provider of clothing essentials offering an extensive product range, all of it true to our promise of fine quality at the lowest available price. How do we do it? By constantly evaluating the quality of our products to ensure they meet the highest possible standards.

Before going on sale, all our products are subject to stringent quality tests. These are based on our own minimum requirements, many of which are even higher than those laid down by law. Should any quality defects be discovered despite all our care and attention, we swing into action to immediately protect our customers.

Our requirements

Consumer safety takes centre stage in everything we do. Which is why we chose to supplement the existing legal requirements with our own minimum requirements, both for clothing and for our other non-food articles.

It starts at the purchasing stage: for each product, KiK agrees mandatory quality properties with the supplier. Then, during production, we work together with externally accredited testing institutes who check our various articles for any chemical impurities and physical strains even before they leave their country of origin. In addition, the quality of the goods is also checked by our own service unit in Dhaka.

Test reports are transmitted to the Quality Management Department at KiK Textilien und Non-Food GmbH, Germany, where they are evaluated in detail by the individual divisions. If the appropriate requirements have been met, the go-ahead is given for the article in question to be shipped to Germany. On arrival, however, the article must undergo further strict examination and testing from the KiK Quality Management Department by way of spot checks.

Physical tests at this stage assess areas such as colour fastness, shrinkage, pilling, and saliva and perspiration fastness. The article is also subjected to tensile testing to determine whether small parts, such as buttons and other adornments, can withstand the minimum tensile force laid down in our requirements. The products are also put through a range of tests to make sure they do not contain any chemicals that could potentially harm people’s health or the environment.