Employees of KiK Textilien und Non-Food GmbH

We currently provide over 20,000 crisis-proof jobs across Europe, and there are plenty more in the pipeline over the years to come. Our aim, however, is not just to provide employment but also opportunities – so when we select our employees, it’s the people that we’re concerned with. In our recruitment process, what matters first and foremost is the personal impression made by the applicant. In short: at KiK, it’s the people that count.

Training our employees, encouraging them and helping them qualify for management positions is a principle we’ve followed since we first started training. We place great importance on the quality of the initial and further training we provide, because the strengths and potential of our employees are what guarantees the on-going success of KiK.

Suppliers of KiK Textilien und Non-Food GmbH

In all our commercial activities, we cultivate business contacts with local producers in many countries. In 2006, we drew up a compulsory set of basic principles for all our suppliers: the KiK Code of Conduct (CoC).

This is based on the International Labour Organization (ILO) convention, and governs adherence to minimum standards in respect of working conditions in factories producing items for KiK.

At the outset, not every supplier that would like to work with us meets the conditions laid down in our CoC. Such factories must submit themselves to “social audits” designed to identify areas in need of improvement. In China and Bangladesh, our main procurement markets, we have already carried out over 1,000 of these social audits. On the basis of these, areas for improvement are identified, and the supplier will only be permitted to work with KiK if these are implemented. The necessary measures are worked out and discussed jointly with the supplier. And since KiK cultivates long-term relationships with its suppliers, we also collaborate with them on workshops and training activities.

A tour of our production sites

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The KiK Range

Our range includes clothing for women, men, children and babies, as well as gifts, household textiles, accessories and even toys and stationery. We see ourselves as a provider of clothing essentials.

It goes without saying that our products must demonstrate lasting and sustainable quality. As such, a large proportion of KiK products already carry certifications such as the German Öko-Tex Standard 100 or the TOXPROOF label from the TÜV (German association for technical inspection).

The KiK Sites

We have adopted a variety of measures designed to minimize our energy consumption and its impact on the environment and to promote the active conservation of resources internally.

During 2009, we cut our CO
2 emissions by converting our German and Austrian sites to green energy and CO2-neutral lighting. The GreenBuilding programme initiated by the European Commission is also geared towards reducing CO2 emissions: with an optimized building envelope and an innovative air conditioning system, GreenBuilding-compliant KiK branches use around 50 per cent less energy annually, with 40 per cent lower CO2 emissions. There are already 15 branches in Germany that meet this standard, and we are currently experimenting with extending this energy-efficient construction method to our markets outside Germany.